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Once Upon a V ~ The tail of the Traveling Vizsla.


My name is Kristi Clay. Here with my partner Cuki. 

Thank you for visiting! 'Once Upon a V, tail of the traveling Jypsi' is a blog for dog lovers and travel enthusiasts alike. My specialty is highlighting the best places for dog lovers, as well as the four legged friends combined when it comes to all things involving travel and adventure. We cover all things from dog friendly hiking trails, beaches, food joints, and even resorts!

A little rundown on myself. Born and raised in Las Vegas, NV, I recently moved to the Midwest in the Chicagoland area of Illinois. I've been working with and training dogs since 1998. I've worked up to Masters level in dog agility, as well as have performed tricks at events showing off the skills of my dogs. I train dogs for therapy work, and I am devoted to the well being and exceptional care of my dogs.

Apart from working with my dogs, another one of my passions is travel. I've explored 15 states in the USA, I have traveled to 9 different countries (and counting). I love writing, and nothing has been more fun to me so far than getting to share the adventures I've had the chance to take, as well as showing of the amazing places where our four legged companions can join as well!

The main stars of my blog are Cuki and Jypsi, although for my move, my "in training" pup, Jypsi stayed at home in Las Vegas with her owner. 

Cuki, born in Hungary, is a sweet girl who loves everybody. She has competed in Masters Agility, and is also a therapy dog who works with people. She’s performed tricks on stage and for children making smiles all around. She’s a lovable girl who demands snuggles. She’s a “been there, done that” kind of dog, and I often use her help to gain confidence in puppies I work with. She’s traveled with me all around in California, Nevada, Utah, Netherlands, Colorado, Germany (long layovers), Alaska (outside airport), Iowa, Nebraska, & Illinois.

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