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I'm Back!!!

Posted on June 12, 2018 at 4:40 PM Comments comments (0)

To all my amazing Vizsla and travel lovers! HUGE update!!! I know I haven’t written in a while, so this one may be lengthy! I’m a couple years behind in my blogging. For those of you who looked forward to Jypsi and I’s adventures, I’m sorry. The biggest news to share, for those who don’t personally know me, I moved from Las Vegas all the way to the suburbs of Chicago! What does that mean now with the blog and Jypsi?

Jypsi stayed back in Las Vegas with her other mom (we split her 50/50 when I was in Vegas). She is one of the most wonderful people I know, and has 2 other siblings of Jypsi’s. Jypsi is the most spoiled little girl over there, and is very happy, although I miss her so often, it’s never the end, and I get spammed with plenty of all the pups’ photos nearly every day on Facebook and love them all!

I do still have Jypsi’s mom, Cuki. Cuki was with us for most of our adventures, but because the blog focused around little Jypsi, Cuki was not shown. Cuki is a beyond smart girl, who recently turned 9 on March 15th. We’ve competed in agility up to masters, she’s received her CGC, we’ve done trick performances and performed on stage, she’s the official mascot of my boyfriend’s motorcycle racing (she’s great at the track), and was a certified therapy dog for a couple years working with kids in schools and old folks homes. She brings a smile to anyone who’s met her, and she’ll be the face of us traveling around.

As of right now, I plan to keep the “Jypsi” name. It was all thanks to her I found the motivation to get a dog travel blog up and running in the first place, plus it’s fitting as gypsy’s always travel around, so must we! There are so many places here in the Midwest we could travel around to, and it’s time to start a new chapter! Most my blogs will feature my Cuki, BUT I may try to incorporate other dogs depending on where travels take us.

This past January I had the opportunity to travel to Central America for a month. I traveled to 3 countries taking photos everywhere I went. That’ll be my first blog back. I want to talk about the animals I saw there… and their hardships. A lot has changed, but I promise if you stick by our side, you’ll enjoy what all will be new!

Inside Idyllwild

Posted on August 25, 2015 at 6:50 PM Comments comments (2)

When I had first heard about Idyllwild, California, I was anxious to check it out. Despite only getting a day to look around, I had hoped it’d be able to give Jypsi and me a decent chance to get the scope on things. The drive up was absolutely beautiful. Winding through the mountainside surrounded by trees which seem to have come out of nowhere. On the way up, there was a parking lot across a small pretty lake, Lake Fulmor. We decided to check it out. We didn’t have a lot of time, so we just walked for a short time. Although it’s not open for swimming, it’s said to be a nice place for fishing and is stocked with trout. If you’re going up though, I’d take the time to look around or go for a walk.

Driving into Idyllwild, cute buildings were coming through the trees, and before we knew it, we were in a town like something of a fairytale. With a cute “small town” feel to everything and quaint shops and cabins all over, I was smiling from the time I drove in. The plan was to find our cabin for the night, and then we could check out the town a little.


Silver Pines Lodge & Creekside Cabins was where we had the chance to stay and was a true delight, It’s dog friendly, and surprisingly reasonable prices. The location was easy to find, and when I signed in, the owners kind son checked us in with a smile. He told me the easiest way to find our cabin, and told me where would be the easiest to park the car. I thanked him and drove around to park. I grabbed my bag and Jypsi’s bag, and we walked to our cabin. The cabin itself was cute. A nice queen sized bed with a bathroom and kitchen. There was a chair to sit in the main room with the tv and fireplace. The kitchen had a coffee maker, and a little table to eat any food you might have with you. There was a stove, microwave, and a fridge.


The Cabin location itself was beautiful. At certain times during the year the creek down below has water making a nice relaxing place to breath, or watch your dogs play in the water. There is a koi pond in the main courtyard below the back of the lodge. If you’re staying at the cabins, there are complementary movies for you to borrow to give you something else in the peaceful afternoons. If you know how to play the piano, there are even a couple to play on in the lodge as well.


The town was just as beautiful. Putting Jypsi on a leash, we didn’t even take the car. There was so much to do in such a short distance, the car was hardly necessary. There was art on nearly every corner you looked. One of the first stops we made it into was an adorable pet boutique, Mountain Paws. They had handmade dog treats, toys, and beautiful collars in their shop. I met a friendly guy named Richie who told me a little about the town, and ensured me they lived by their title, “Friendliest town for dogs.” Which I was happy to hear. Perfect place indeed. I got a doggie ice cream for Jypsi there, as well as a hand-made dog bone for my other dog, Cuki, at home. While walking down the street, it was indeed the friendliest town for dogs which I’ve been to so far.


I stopped for some ice cream at a shop, and there was a patio to sit at with your dog. One lady with her kids, who loved Jypsi, told me about the multiple hiking trails which were dog accessible. When checking into your cabin, there are maps telling you which are safe for dogs, and how to get there. While continuing walking, Jypsi was an angel as we walked into different art stores and shops which all allowed dogs. There were even dog water dishes outside many of them. The same thing for food places, many had patios allowing dogs, including the Italian place we went to later on. I enjoyed a small steak with sautéed mushrooms, and mashed potatoes. Jypsi just passed out from the long days walk. When I had finished up with dinner, I collected the pup, and back up to the lodge we went. We signed into the WIFI and watched some Netflix before heading to bed. With an additional sheet I brought with me to keep dog hair off the bed, Jypsi snored off to sleep.


The next day we had to rush a little. Once our bags were packed, we walked a little to chase squirrels, then because it was so early, hung our key up to check out. We drove down into town and found a cute diner to eat breakfast at before heading back down the mountain. They also had a patio for dogs. The air was chill and crisp and just had a fresh mountain smell to it. If you ever want a peaceful trip away from life, take the time to go to Idyllwild, in Southern California. Your dog will really thank you!


******Huge special thanks to “Silver Pines Lodge & Creekside Cabins” What a joy it was to be at your cabins! From the friendly staff, clean location, koi pond, to all the peaceful places to relax, your location can’t be beat! Can’t wait for our next trip!******



Summer beach time!

Posted on June 9, 2015 at 1:20 AM Comments comments (0)

While in San Diego, there were a few places we just had to check out! The first would be Coronado dog beach. there is plenty of sand for the dogs to run in, and you can't beat being on a beach with your dogs. being the first time on a beach, gypsy was a little unsure of the water, as well as all the other dogs, but she did find a pitbull cross puppy that she enjoyed playing with.

I will say though, the downfall to the beach is the parking, and the walking to the actual water from the parking area. The parking was lengthy and though I showed up at a busy time it was still quite a walk from where we parked to the actual water itself. The sand can get very hot on the dogs feet so you have to keep them moving until you hit the water. All in all though, if its the closest one to you I'd say it's not bad and they don't still have the chance to use their energy.


The second place, which I absolutely loved, was ocean dog beach. It's in a very hip town with a lot to see, and the beach is quite large. In the two times we went and enjoyed the beach, neither time was it crowded, and all the dogs had plenty of space to run. There were plenty of friendly people at this beach as well as dogs. The parking was nice and easy, and as soon as you go up and over the intial slight hill, you're pretty much right on the water. Thanks to there being sand and hills, as well as the wide open space, you didn't have to worry about the dogs getting into any danger and the beach itself is very clean and safe.


Lastly we had the pleasure of checking out Fiesta Island. Fiesta Island is truly a charm in its own. Driving up and over a bridge into the little island itself it's a short drive around the road the outside edges of the island. Along the outside people are randomly scattered having a great time either with their dogs or their families. There was water surrounding the island, and you could even stop and hang out for a picnic or a bonfire. So many places to go, so many things to see, and even more amazing people to meet along the way. Whether it's just taking your dog out for a long walk along the water's edge or actually playing with them in the water there's something for everyone at Fiesta Island. The dirt was really easy on the dogs feet .

While we played along the waters edge, we ended up meeting a nice man who had a ex drug sniffing Labrador. Jypsi followed him a little bit and slowly got used to being in the water. Any chance to go down to San Diego and just want a nice relaxing time with your dog bring a bowl a blanket to sit on and a nice snack, and head down Fiesta Island you won't be disappointed. And while you're down there check out one of the other locations that I have highlighted in my previous blog postings. adventures await!

Comfort in Cali

Posted on April 29, 2015 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (0)

In the residential areas of Spring Valley, CA, there is a truly one of a kind location, delicious for the people, and your dogs will be more than comfortable while you dine! Cali Comfort BBQ Started off about 7 years ago, and though they specialized in Breakfast in the very beginning, they reached out and expanded their expertise into the barbecue field, and man have they got it down!

Arriving at the location, I was pleased to see they had their own parking area. Walking in the front door, I was instantly greeted and after enthusiastically saying hello to Jypsi, went to grab the owner for me. Shawn Walchef came around the corner after a second and smiled as soon as his eyes saw my pup. He shook my hand, and led me around to the patio where he got a dog bowl with water for Jypsi. After talking to him for a few seconds, he excused himself to get his wife, Rositsa. After sipping on my iced tea for a minute, and having two other servers making sure my girl had fresh water, they came around the corner with their little Cavalier King Charles, Diego.

The patio was completely dog friendly. There was a main gate, which when closed, there was no way for dogs to get out. The patio was clean, and well kept, I didn't have to worry about Jypsi getting into trouble. She bounced and played with Diego while the owners and I talked. It was really neat to think how this once barn of the past, had turned into this comfortable dining facility it is today. The building had been in the family for a couple generations, and When Shawn took it over, he really wanted to see it go as far as he felt it could. He traveled all over the country and beyond to learn the secrets of BBQ cooking, as well as how to make his location the most friendly and fun spot to hang out in the area. You can really taste and feel the difference.

On the inside was a great place to sit and watch the game, or anything else big going on. Delicious drinks being served at the bar, or just comfort food for those just wanting to come and enjoy the great environment. While outside with my girl, I ordered a 1/2 rack of pork ribs. The whole dish was amazing. filled with a slight yet perfect smoky taste, with delicious barbecue sauce smothered over the top (with a little extra on the side) The beans were unlike anything I had had before, and you can't go wrong with the warm jalapeno corn bread. It was impossible to be disappointed by the quality of their cooking. Out of curiosity, I asked what they did if vegetarians showed up, but they were straight-forward and friendly when they said they had dishes to please vegetarians as well!

I'd like to thank Cali Comfort BBQ once again for taking the time to talk to me about their location. It was a huge pleasure to get the chance to meet them, and their Cavalier, Diego. No matter where in Southern California you go, make a note to swing by Cali Comfort BBQ. There is something for everyone on the menu, and all their employees seem to be dog lovers. I know Jypsi and I both enjoyed it there!






Ocean Beach - Cottage awaits.

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Driving through an older part of San Diego, we made it to our next location. Blue Heron Cottages in Ocean Beach. They had specific parking spots for each cabin making things nice. Almost everything is done online, so I already had my code to get into my cabin. The courtyard was beautiful, calming, and very cozy. There was a family playing UNO at the community outdoor table. There was also a timid pitbull running around. Jypsi seemed to like her. Then a cute lab, and an Australian Shepherd boy who was 4 years old, adopted a year ago. A real sweetheart family dog.


The courtyard was completely fenced in, so I didn't need to worry about my girl at all. When I went inside, I decided to go find food, so I make sure Jypsi is fine and headed off. I chose to walk since it seems most places for within 10 to 15 minutes walking time. So as long as you didn't mind a short stroll, it wasn't bad. A lot of the places had patios, which I'm sure most of them allow dogs as I've seen plenty walking around already. I ordered chicken at a nice barbecue place which was amazing, and walked back to the house with it. The ocean beach area was a fun and hip sort of town. There was a group hanging out on the beach over the cliffs, which one of the people was playing a guitar. Plenty of fun and creative artsy type shops. Then on top of it, any kind of food place you could want in a short length of distance. Exotic birds flew by squawking as they went, and dogs being walked on the sidewalks.


Getting back to the cottage, I met the manager and his two dogs. He was a great guy, and made sure that my time here was going nicely, and asked if the parking was alright. After letting him know all was perfect, I thanked him again and went back inside. I can honestly say I was very happy with the cottage itself it was very clean and up-kept inside. Everything was well stocked, and they provided a sheet for the couches because of the dogs travelling with you, Jypsi felt cozy and right at home. There was a desk, and eating table, fully stocked kitchen, bedroom with a queen bed, and a tidy bathroom. Anything you could need in a hotel was right here. As I ate my food, Jypsi quietly munched on hers before bouncing back over to the couch... Babies. After a nice long and hot shower, I headed off to bed. With night came a snoring puppy, and before I knew it morning. It was a quiet and peaceful night


I threw on a sweater, and went outside to have a beautiful Greyhound waiting at my door. Hesitantly Jypsi said hello before going into the grass to go potty. There were two rescue Greyhounds, 1 Saluki, and a 15 year old Australian Shepherd girl. Jypsi played with them awhile, then invited herself in their cottage, and as I went to call her she ran out like a little queen with a stolen toy in her mouth. Everyone was laughing as she trotted around proud of what she had done. During a moment of puppy ADD, I snatched the toy back and gave it to the owner. After I had breakfast I went through the checkout list and pack up my things. Gathering Jypsi we walked across the cozy courtyard, and left. What a fantastic place!

** A huge thank you again to Blue Heron Cottages for allowing us to stay to get the chance to experience and write about your location. I talked to everyone in the other cottages, and they absolutly loved their time with you, as did I! For anyone traveling to Southern California, be sure to check out Blue Heron Cottages. Very pet friendly, close to great food and shops, and only minutes drive from a great dog beach which we also checked out!

Feel good songs of this trip:

This is how we roll - Florida Georgia Line.

That's my kind of night - Luke Bryan

Red dog in Red Rocks

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Decided to keep things local, and spend time with my awesome niece, Cheyenne, and Jypsi out in Red Rock Canyon (outside Las Vegas) today. A pet friendly place to take a stroll or hike. The location is absolutely beautiful! We decided to go in the scenic loop, which is a 13 mile loop through some of the most beautiful rocks and small canyons around. Throughout the drive, there are plenty of places to pull off and explore. We pulled off at the calico rocks exit to walk and find a place to eat our dinner we brought.

Jypsi bounced and explored as we walked. I kept her in sight, which wasn't hard since she stayed on our heels the majority of the time and walked the area I allowed her to play in. With the temperatures in the 70's-80's rattlesnake season is starting and can be a serious problem, and they're often spotted in red rock. Though dogs are allowed on the trails with you, keeping them close on a leash is recommended to keep from having accidents with the wildlife. Thankfully we didn't see any snakes during our trip.

When we got there, even in the parking lot, Jypsi got a lot of attention from some kids as they were leaving the trails. We quickly said goodbye to them and continued on. There were a few spurious which we're pretty slippery, but we stuck to a nice pace which Jypsi chose, and with only a little sliding (on the humans part) made it down to the bottom in no time!

My niece and I found a nice rock to sit and eat on, and in no time Cheyenne was scaling the cliffs and rocks like they were nothing! (made me nervous the whole time!) Jypsi just watched in fascination. Before I was done eating, Cheyenne yelled down she found a nice spot with water... so I decided to be done with my sandwich, and see what she was talking about. We got a nice process of playing "pass the puppy" when things got too steep or un-safe for Jypsi, but in no time, we made it!

Cheyenne was right, what a nice spot to make it to. Within a couple seconds of putting Jypsi down, she fell into the water followed by a desperate crawl out. My now sloppy wet puppy was crawling across the rocks to get to me. After taking some fun photos of Jypsi and my talented niece, and getting in the water myself, we decided to head back down. We spent quite a bit of time already, and the sun was near setting. Of course on the way down, Cheyenne found more places to climb, and Jypsi watched as she disappeared in the cliffs.

As we hopped down yet another path, we found large boulders to climb through, and holes in rocks large enough to climb in. The whole adventure was a blast, and such a nice breath of fresh air! As Cheyenne disappeared into the canyons again, a group of hikers came waking by. They all got exited when they saw the little red Jypsi up ahead. Every single one of them pet her as they walked by, lifting not only her spirits, but theirs as well. A couple of them even got down to their knees for dune snuggle time. If I didn't know better, Jypsi was a nice break from waking for them too!

Not too long after they passed, Cheyenne made it back down, and we decided it was time to make our way back up the hill. I assumed Jypsi was getting tired, so I picked her up. But when Cheyenne saw the path back to the parking lot and took off, I had a wiggly worm in my arms wanting down. She was already kicking to go as her feet hit the dirt, and it was a race all the way up the hill!

With one last drink of water, she slept all the way home, and it was fun all around! For those of you near red rock, I highly recommend taking a little time to just go explore, it'll help clear your mind, and if you're not from around here, plan a trip, the beautiful landscapes are well worth it if you're not used to seeing bright red rocks and your dogs will thank you!







Farewell for now

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A slightly bitter-sweet reasoning for this trip. Needing to take the last puppy of the litter, blue, save for Jypsi, to his new home in Flagstaff, AZ. To be a ‘guard dog/ companion’ for a AMC firefighters wife. A truly perfect job for him! So after I prepared the car, I packed up the kids and we headed out. Assuming I didn’t get distracted along the way, the trip only would’ve taken 3 and a half hours, of course with me though, things never fully stick to plan! Every now and again, the little ones would get up and move around, but the majority for the time they slept comfortable, or just lay down quietly with no fuss. On the way up, there were a lot of beautiful landscapes and rock formations. Some of the colorings in the rocks were unlike what I have ever seen before. There were a few places I had considered pulling off to check out with Jypsi, but I decided to save them for another trip. Finally after passing a ton of great locations, I finally decided to pull off to be able to take in the scenery a little better. After nearly getting stuck in deep mud from the freshly rained on roads, we made it somewhere nice.

The location was beautiful. Randomly placed small trees and rocks everywhere surrounded by bluish short grass. Though the air was chilly, the sky was beautiful and blue with fluffy blotches of clouds. I pulled off the wet road I was on and found a spot I felt safe parking. I turned the kids loose on the ground, and chuckled when they wouldn't leave my side. We walked over to a boulder, and it was then I looked around and realized this was prime location for hawks to play, and I had 2 tasty red snacks running around. So it was then I decided to hurry our adventures up, and pack the little ones back in the car.

We got back on the main road, and continued our journey. The trip really wasn't a bad drive, and in no time we were in Flagstaff. I found a spot to let the kids use the bathroom. Jypsi was stubborn, didn't want to go. In no time though, we made it to 'Arizona Mountain Inn and Cabins' where we'd be staying for the night. While checking in, the front desk lady was very friendly. Told me about my cabin, and how to get to everything, not to mention she was very friendly to Jypsi, which made me happy! After checking in, we jumped in the car, got to our cabin, and walked in.

The cabin was so cute and cozy. Surrounded by beautiful trees, the outside air was so fresh, and the freshly fallen snow added to the already crisp feeling in the air. The inside of the cabin was nice. Complete with a stove, fridge, microwave, and a fireplace, it had pretty much anything you could want to feel comfortably at home away from home. Jypsi was bouncing around investigating the cabin. Around the bedroom, to the bathroom, under the kitchen table, and she bounced to try to get on the couch, but couldn't make it and couldn't make it up the steep stairs to get to the bed rolls up top. In no time, her bed, food, and water were all set up, and she was throwing her rope toy around. I decided to take her out for a short walk. We went down the paths and around the corner. Jypsi, still being a puppy, got cold fast, so I didn't make the walk a long one. The beautiful mountain landscape was refreshing compared to the study air if the city. Before long, she got just a little too cold, and we headed back to the cabin. She ate dinner, and in no time, she passed out on her bed with her brother.

Following a beautiful sunset, it was a calming and relaxing night. Quiet snores coming from Jypsi's nose. The heater in the cabin did a great job heating up the place making everything comfortable. After I read for a while, I got to sleep, and with only needing to take them out to the bathroom once, I got a good night's rest. The next day, we woke up, kids got sparkly clean in the shower, I packed up the car and we went to check out. Once again the desk lady, different from when I checked in, was friendly as can be, and loved she Jypsi. She gave me a town map telling me about some more things around town to do for my next trip, which I'll definitely need to make in order to get a chance to see more of Arizona.

Saying our goodbyes, we got in the car and headed to the meet up place to drop off her brother to the new owner. It was sad to see him go, but I was glad he got a good new home. With a final kiss on top of his velvety head, I said goodbye, and Jypsi and I continued our journey. It was time for breakfast, so I got a quick bite to eat while watching my car which had the sleeping beauty on the inside. As soon as I was done, it was back to all while wishing it was a longer trip. The drive home was just as nice, no problems at all. Jypsi slept the whole time. A true little angel. Sure I made a lousy choice and nearly ran out of gas on the way home. Probably only had 5 miles to go to shut down... oops. But we made it to a gas station, fueled up, Jypsi got a bathroom break, and after we got back in the road, (took a 30 minute turn around due to getting lost... Again.) In no time we went over the Hoover dam, and crossed over into Vegas. Our first overnight trip was a success, Jypsi meet done friendly people, and was a joy in the car, can't wait for our next trip!

Special thanks to Arizona Mountain Inn and Cabins. A beautiful location centered in stunning Flagstaff Arizona. Pet friendly cabins, and amazing helpful staff. Check it out, what a great place to stay!


Feel good songs of this trip:
Between the raindrops - Lifehouse
Someday - Rob Thomas


The Race

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Today was our first outing and to be safe, I brought Jypsi's mom, Cuki, to be a companion. A beautiful day outside of a busy town! I didn't feel like making food today, so I picked up something to eat on the way, plus an order of 2 pup-patties,1/4th for Jypsi, and the rest for Cuki. Pup patties being a special patty cooked with no added salts or seasonings. A yummy treat for the dogs. (I don't recommend human type food often for dogs, but I do allow a treat every now and again)

Due to getting lost, happens often with me, we never made it to the planned location I had in mind. Instead, we drove to Primm, NV where in the distance, I saw a bunch of dust clouds and curiosity got the best of me. Driving up to the location, I came to realize there was an off-road race going on. I figured so long as nobody had an issue with the dogs, what a great place to socialize and expose Jypsi to a lot of different things going on around her, and bonus having Cuki along, I knew it'd give her an added sense of confidence.

Of course my dogs always get more attention than me when we go places which is fine by me, helps keep me from getting anxiety anyway! Today was truly no different. Even while walking up to the track, there were plenty of people mentioning my dogs, and commenting on how cute Jypsi is. Jypsi was in my arms nearly the whole time. With all the loud engines, plus the fact this was only her second real time on a leash, there was no way I'd take unnecessary risks with her fighting the leash. There were other people with dogs, Cuki acted as a perfect example for little Jypsi walking right beside me with no concern for anything.

When we got to the top of the hill overlooking the course, the first friend she made was a huge biker man. Puppies certainly have a way to melt any 'tough' mans heart! He picked her up and laughed as she tried to eat his long braided beard. Not too long after, she made friends with a man who was sitting down, and a guy who came in from San Diego to watch a friend race. I started to talk to him a little, and leaned a little about the sport of off-road racing.

Over the course of 3 accidents, and quite a few impressive jumps, we found the 'friend' who was driving a nicely built red Jeep. We cheered them on as they drove by, all while little Jypsi amused herself with a water bottle earlier given to Cuki. Although she loved all the attention from the people coming up to her and all the kids who squealed in delight to getting to play with a puppy, she paid no mind to any of the track noises around her. With the final lap down, the race was over, and back to the pits we went.

I got the privilege to meet the driver and congratulate him on his nice driving, plus I got to see the Jeep up close, and what a neat machine it was too! So many added parts to just a normal stock build makes it possible to excel in its chosen courses. After talking to the crew a little, and getting a quick snapped photo of Jypsi with the owner and driver of the Jeep, we decided it was starting to get late, and said our goodbyes. We got to the car, got a drink for the kids, and headed back on the road back to Vegas. The dogs slept all the way back!

'feel good songs' of this trip:
Avicci - hey brother
Vida - Ricky Martin


I'd like to thank Cary Jones, owner and driver, as well as the team at 'Binge racing' for allowing us to hang around and talking a little about the sport. It was a blast out at the tracks, and even more fun to be able to cheer for a specific racer. You guys did great!








Awaiting adventure!

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Stage 1: Planning.
Welcome! Jypsi and I have a lot to figure out when it comes to our first adventure together! We have a lot of ideas in store, which in the near future, will take us locally around (and just outside) of Las Vegas.

Also on our list of things to come, we're making plans to explore a few places in California, as well as venturing to Utah, and Possibly Arizona!
We'll show you all the amazing (pet friendly) places you can hike, eat at, explore, and even stay! Stick with us and see where life takes us!