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The Race

Posted on February 24, 2015 at 3:00 AM

Today was our first outing and to be safe, I brought Jypsi's mom, Cuki, to be a companion. A beautiful day outside of a busy town! I didn't feel like making food today, so I picked up something to eat on the way, plus an order of 2 pup-patties,1/4th for Jypsi, and the rest for Cuki. Pup patties being a special patty cooked with no added salts or seasonings. A yummy treat for the dogs. (I don't recommend human type food often for dogs, but I do allow a treat every now and again)

Due to getting lost, happens often with me, we never made it to the planned location I had in mind. Instead, we drove to Primm, NV where in the distance, I saw a bunch of dust clouds and curiosity got the best of me. Driving up to the location, I came to realize there was an off-road race going on. I figured so long as nobody had an issue with the dogs, what a great place to socialize and expose Jypsi to a lot of different things going on around her, and bonus having Cuki along, I knew it'd give her an added sense of confidence.

Of course my dogs always get more attention than me when we go places which is fine by me, helps keep me from getting anxiety anyway! Today was truly no different. Even while walking up to the track, there were plenty of people mentioning my dogs, and commenting on how cute Jypsi is. Jypsi was in my arms nearly the whole time. With all the loud engines, plus the fact this was only her second real time on a leash, there was no way I'd take unnecessary risks with her fighting the leash. There were other people with dogs, Cuki acted as a perfect example for little Jypsi walking right beside me with no concern for anything.

When we got to the top of the hill overlooking the course, the first friend she made was a huge biker man. Puppies certainly have a way to melt any 'tough' mans heart! He picked her up and laughed as she tried to eat his long braided beard. Not too long after, she made friends with a man who was sitting down, and a guy who came in from San Diego to watch a friend race. I started to talk to him a little, and leaned a little about the sport of off-road racing.

Over the course of 3 accidents, and quite a few impressive jumps, we found the 'friend' who was driving a nicely built red Jeep. We cheered them on as they drove by, all while little Jypsi amused herself with a water bottle earlier given to Cuki. Although she loved all the attention from the people coming up to her and all the kids who squealed in delight to getting to play with a puppy, she paid no mind to any of the track noises around her. With the final lap down, the race was over, and back to the pits we went.

I got the privilege to meet the driver and congratulate him on his nice driving, plus I got to see the Jeep up close, and what a neat machine it was too! So many added parts to just a normal stock build makes it possible to excel in its chosen courses. After talking to the crew a little, and getting a quick snapped photo of Jypsi with the owner and driver of the Jeep, we decided it was starting to get late, and said our goodbyes. We got to the car, got a drink for the kids, and headed back on the road back to Vegas. The dogs slept all the way back!

'feel good songs' of this trip:
Avicci - hey brother
Vida - Ricky Martin


I'd like to thank Cary Jones, owner and driver, as well as the team at 'Binge racing' for allowing us to hang around and talking a little about the sport. It was a blast out at the tracks, and even more fun to be able to cheer for a specific racer. You guys did great!








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