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Farewell for now

Posted on March 4, 2015 at 2:20 AM


A slightly bitter-sweet reasoning for this trip. Needing to take the last puppy of the litter, blue, save for Jypsi, to his new home in Flagstaff, AZ. To be a ‘guard dog/ companion’ for a AMC firefighters wife. A truly perfect job for him! So after I prepared the car, I packed up the kids and we headed out. Assuming I didn’t get distracted along the way, the trip only would’ve taken 3 and a half hours, of course with me though, things never fully stick to plan! Every now and again, the little ones would get up and move around, but the majority for the time they slept comfortable, or just lay down quietly with no fuss. On the way up, there were a lot of beautiful landscapes and rock formations. Some of the colorings in the rocks were unlike what I have ever seen before. There were a few places I had considered pulling off to check out with Jypsi, but I decided to save them for another trip. Finally after passing a ton of great locations, I finally decided to pull off to be able to take in the scenery a little better. After nearly getting stuck in deep mud from the freshly rained on roads, we made it somewhere nice.

The location was beautiful. Randomly placed small trees and rocks everywhere surrounded by bluish short grass. Though the air was chilly, the sky was beautiful and blue with fluffy blotches of clouds. I pulled off the wet road I was on and found a spot I felt safe parking. I turned the kids loose on the ground, and chuckled when they wouldn't leave my side. We walked over to a boulder, and it was then I looked around and realized this was prime location for hawks to play, and I had 2 tasty red snacks running around. So it was then I decided to hurry our adventures up, and pack the little ones back in the car.

We got back on the main road, and continued our journey. The trip really wasn't a bad drive, and in no time we were in Flagstaff. I found a spot to let the kids use the bathroom. Jypsi was stubborn, didn't want to go. In no time though, we made it to 'Arizona Mountain Inn and Cabins' where we'd be staying for the night. While checking in, the front desk lady was very friendly. Told me about my cabin, and how to get to everything, not to mention she was very friendly to Jypsi, which made me happy! After checking in, we jumped in the car, got to our cabin, and walked in.

The cabin was so cute and cozy. Surrounded by beautiful trees, the outside air was so fresh, and the freshly fallen snow added to the already crisp feeling in the air. The inside of the cabin was nice. Complete with a stove, fridge, microwave, and a fireplace, it had pretty much anything you could want to feel comfortably at home away from home. Jypsi was bouncing around investigating the cabin. Around the bedroom, to the bathroom, under the kitchen table, and she bounced to try to get on the couch, but couldn't make it and couldn't make it up the steep stairs to get to the bed rolls up top. In no time, her bed, food, and water were all set up, and she was throwing her rope toy around. I decided to take her out for a short walk. We went down the paths and around the corner. Jypsi, still being a puppy, got cold fast, so I didn't make the walk a long one. The beautiful mountain landscape was refreshing compared to the study air if the city. Before long, she got just a little too cold, and we headed back to the cabin. She ate dinner, and in no time, she passed out on her bed with her brother.

Following a beautiful sunset, it was a calming and relaxing night. Quiet snores coming from Jypsi's nose. The heater in the cabin did a great job heating up the place making everything comfortable. After I read for a while, I got to sleep, and with only needing to take them out to the bathroom once, I got a good night's rest. The next day, we woke up, kids got sparkly clean in the shower, I packed up the car and we went to check out. Once again the desk lady, different from when I checked in, was friendly as can be, and loved she Jypsi. She gave me a town map telling me about some more things around town to do for my next trip, which I'll definitely need to make in order to get a chance to see more of Arizona.

Saying our goodbyes, we got in the car and headed to the meet up place to drop off her brother to the new owner. It was sad to see him go, but I was glad he got a good new home. With a final kiss on top of his velvety head, I said goodbye, and Jypsi and I continued our journey. It was time for breakfast, so I got a quick bite to eat while watching my car which had the sleeping beauty on the inside. As soon as I was done, it was back to all while wishing it was a longer trip. The drive home was just as nice, no problems at all. Jypsi slept the whole time. A true little angel. Sure I made a lousy choice and nearly ran out of gas on the way home. Probably only had 5 miles to go to shut down... oops. But we made it to a gas station, fueled up, Jypsi got a bathroom break, and after we got back in the road, (took a 30 minute turn around due to getting lost... Again.) In no time we went over the Hoover dam, and crossed over into Vegas. Our first overnight trip was a success, Jypsi meet done friendly people, and was a joy in the car, can't wait for our next trip!

Special thanks to Arizona Mountain Inn and Cabins. A beautiful location centered in stunning Flagstaff Arizona. Pet friendly cabins, and amazing helpful staff. Check it out, what a great place to stay!


Feel good songs of this trip:
Between the raindrops - Lifehouse
Someday - Rob Thomas


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