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Comfort in Cali

Posted on April 29, 2015 at 12:05 AM

In the residential areas of Spring Valley, CA, there is a truly one of a kind location, delicious for the people, and your dogs will be more than comfortable while you dine! Cali Comfort BBQ Started off about 7 years ago, and though they specialized in Breakfast in the very beginning, they reached out and expanded their expertise into the barbecue field, and man have they got it down!

Arriving at the location, I was pleased to see they had their own parking area. Walking in the front door, I was instantly greeted and after enthusiastically saying hello to Jypsi, went to grab the owner for me. Shawn Walchef came around the corner after a second and smiled as soon as his eyes saw my pup. He shook my hand, and led me around to the patio where he got a dog bowl with water for Jypsi. After talking to him for a few seconds, he excused himself to get his wife, Rositsa. After sipping on my iced tea for a minute, and having two other servers making sure my girl had fresh water, they came around the corner with their little Cavalier King Charles, Diego.

The patio was completely dog friendly. There was a main gate, which when closed, there was no way for dogs to get out. The patio was clean, and well kept, I didn't have to worry about Jypsi getting into trouble. She bounced and played with Diego while the owners and I talked. It was really neat to think how this once barn of the past, had turned into this comfortable dining facility it is today. The building had been in the family for a couple generations, and When Shawn took it over, he really wanted to see it go as far as he felt it could. He traveled all over the country and beyond to learn the secrets of BBQ cooking, as well as how to make his location the most friendly and fun spot to hang out in the area. You can really taste and feel the difference.

On the inside was a great place to sit and watch the game, or anything else big going on. Delicious drinks being served at the bar, or just comfort food for those just wanting to come and enjoy the great environment. While outside with my girl, I ordered a 1/2 rack of pork ribs. The whole dish was amazing. filled with a slight yet perfect smoky taste, with delicious barbecue sauce smothered over the top (with a little extra on the side) The beans were unlike anything I had had before, and you can't go wrong with the warm jalapeno corn bread. It was impossible to be disappointed by the quality of their cooking. Out of curiosity, I asked what they did if vegetarians showed up, but they were straight-forward and friendly when they said they had dishes to please vegetarians as well!

I'd like to thank Cali Comfort BBQ once again for taking the time to talk to me about their location. It was a huge pleasure to get the chance to meet them, and their Cavalier, Diego. No matter where in Southern California you go, make a note to swing by Cali Comfort BBQ. There is something for everyone on the menu, and all their employees seem to be dog lovers. I know Jypsi and I both enjoyed it there!






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