Travel Jypsi

Once Upon a V ~ The tail of the Traveling Vizsla.

Meet the stars!


Cuki, born in Hungary, is a sweet girl who loves everybody. She has competed in Masters Agility, and is also a therapy dog who works with people. She’s performed tricks on stage and for children making smiles all around. She’s a lovable girl who demands snuggles. She’s a “been there, done that” kind of dog, and I often use her help to gain confidence in puppies I work with. 

She’s traveled with me all around in, 






Germany (long layovers), 

Alaska (outside airport), 


Nebraska, & 



Jypsi is a fantastic girl with a true heart of gold and a will to keep going! While fighting to keep her alive when she was born, I realized she was truly one of a kind. She has such a kind spirit, and if she could have all the attention in the world, it wouldn't be enough! 

I've been to and around,
Las Vegas, NV
Red Rock, NV
Primm, NV
Flagstaff, AZ
Ocean Beach, CA
Coranado, CA
San Diego, CA