Travel Jypsi

Once Upon a V ~ The tail of the Traveling Vizsla.

Traveling with your pups.

There are a few things I've come to figure out when traveling around with the dogs. here's my own personal check list. you can add things to your own depending on your own needs for your dog.

 I've come to realize it's quite handy to have a separate bag for your dogs things when going someplace new, it'll hold the following below depending on where you're going.

~ Collars / leashes - Whether on the dog, or in the bag, it's on the list to keep you from forgetting it.

~ Poop bags - for obvious reasons. If you think you need 2, take 4. in fact, invest in a small roll if you haven't already, or learn how to fold grocery bags into compact triangles.

~ Dish (or two) - you should almost always have water with you when you go places with your dog/s. Active dogs don't sweat, but can dehydrate. Please keep a thing of water on you. You can use it anywhere, and your dogs (and maybe someone else's who forgot water) will thank you! 

~ Water - As stated above, is a must. depending on where you're going, get an old bottle, and freeze at least 1/4 water in the bottom before you fill it up the rest of the way. this will keep it chilled for a longer time without needing an ice pack, just stick it in your bag!

~ Food - only really needed for longer trips, but in case this trip is lengthy enough, it's on the list.

~Toys - This one can be iffy. If you're at a location where you may disturb someone with a playful dog, or have a fight breakout between other dogs, don't take it out. If your're at a location where dog can happily play without concern though, your pup may thank you. 

~Treats - whether people ask to give your dog something (give them a safe treat) or you need to leave your behaved pet somewhere for a while without you, treats / chews can be a lifesaver.

~ Towel - if you have a dog who would rather sit on a towel  than hard concrete floor, bring one for less complaint. Also, you never know when you may come across mud, pools of water, or another dog which contains a weapon mouth of slobber! 

~Others - Depending on your dog or trip - Wipes (coat, feet, ext..), sunblock for fair skin, first aid kit for your dog, life jacket, lint roller, flash light, and grooming supplies. It may also be wise to look into emergency dog medicines to have on hand (childrens allergy meds, or kids asprin)  

Things to remember

Please keep in mind, though some locations are pet friendly and happily allow dogs, please make sure you mention them upon check in as well as when you make your reservations. 

Some of the hiking trails and dog friendly locations require your dogs to be on leash, find this out before you go. 

It'd also be wise to get a pet information book, and write down your pets info, as well as vaccine dates, and current rabies tag taped in the back if not on your dog.

Please be considerate of others and pick up after your dog anywhere you go. 

**If your dog barks constantly or jumps on people, it's NOT 'cute'. Some people may laugh it off, but others won't. Don't take that chance. It's disrespectful and shouldn't be allowed by any dog of whatever size.

We love our pet friendly locations, we'd love for them to stay that way.